Have you ever attended a trade show or conference and felt it wasn’t worth your time? If yes, you don’t want others to feel that way while they are attending the conference organized by you! Well, if you are planning to organize an event, conference, or a meetup, the key point is that the attendees want to enjoy it. And, it’s your job to make them feel that the event is worth their precious time.

Here are some of the ways you can make people love your conference-

Get Good Speakers

One of the most important things you need for a good conference is a strong stage lineup. It’s where people spend most of their time. In fact, it’s the main purpose for which people will gather. Thus, focus on getting good speakers for the conference.

While looking for a speaker, keep the users’ interests in mind. And it isn’t all about you! No one has much time to spend the entire day listening to you talk about yourself and your business. Reach out to the other leaders for a wide range of topics. 

Even if the topic isn’t relevant to the audience, they will enjoy sitting and listening to the good speakers. The stage lineup should include a variation, such as authors, founders, evangelists, etc. It ensures that the conference has something for everyone.

Find The Best Place And Time

Determining a perfect place and time that will suit everyone is pretty impossible. However, you can optimize the date, time and venue according to most of your attendees’ schedules. Avoid planning the conference on Mondays, as business people are busy at their work. Thursdays and Fridays will work the best.

Also, you won’t be able to entertain everyone all the time. Thus, it is necessary to have breakout spaces or other small areas for people to wander in and out. You can consider setting up a workshop room alongside the main stage where people can ask questions about your products.

Brand The Event

What better time to spread the word about your brand than during the events or conferences? Or, what better way to do so than distributing promotional products

For example, a professional look provides you with an opportunity to improve branding efforts. As an event organizer, branded lanyards help you maintain the impact of your brand logos, slogans, or messages to the attendees. As they can be reused, likely, people who didn’t attend your conference will also see them. You can also consider wristbands, bandanas, badge reel, etc. If it is a great artwork, the attendees are going to it nice. So, get your branded promotional gifts from reputed manufacturers like 4inlanyards and establish a strong identity in the industry.

Keep An Eye On The Details

While you are managing your clients, you need to tap on the production process at the same time. For example, avoid long registration lines. You can make the registration and badge pickup process smooth by creating split lines for picking the lanyards by alphabetical order. And, organize instant coffee or refreshment amidst the conference or afterward. 

There are so many things you may not consider but are crucial. To make the event flawless, you can hire a professional event producer who will take care of the details.

Follow Up After The Conference Is Over

Getting completely off the radar is perhaps a common mistake an event organizer does. Try to continue the discussion with the attendees or clients via social media, or emails. You can arrange an informal meetup post-conference. Send regular updates about your event and newsletters reiterating what happened at the conference.

We hope these tips will give you an idea about how to improve your next conference or event so that the attendees will fall in love with it. 

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