The goal of any business is to increase productivity and decreasing expenditure (meaning making more money in less time and bills/expenses). However, many times business owners ignore time and expense saving ideas due to many reasons. For example, many business owners ignore the benefits temporary storage building offer. However, below are few ideas and tools one can use to aid achieving once business goals.


Below are 5 ways to make a business run efficiently, enabling one to increase cash flow as well as spending your time ON your Business and not ON it.

1.Taking Advantage Of Autopilot Payment System

The fact is that a business has to bring in revenues in order to stay in business. In other words, the sooner your customers or clients pay for your statements, the more money flow you will get.  For this reason, taking advantage of payment processes will not only save you time but give you an opportunity to work on something else. Below are three methods you can apply for autopilot payment:

Autopilot Payment

  • Payroll System

The payroll system is beneficial especially if you perform repeated work for a particular client. Therefore, if this is the case, then you should ask your client to put you on their payroll system just the same as a regular employee. This technique guarantees payment on time, every month. Moreover, it takes out the stress of writing and sending invoices. At the same time, it will help your clients modernize the process of getting you paid.

  • PayPal Buttons

This technique is as easy as having a temporary storage building. What does this mean? Well, if you bill your clients using PayPal, you can create or set-up a link/custom button for every client. When they want to pay you, they will click on the link. This will, in turn, pre-populate their company information, which allows them to pay through credit card, PayPal Balance or checking account.In other words, the fewer links they have to click, the faster the payment process will be.

  • Recurring Invoices

Did you know that majority of accounting services such as QuickBooks Online, give its users the power to schedule and set-up recurring invoice? This uses an online statement template for both you and the client.  The moment your client fills in all necessary information, you can schedule the time and set your rate; and have the invoice billed every month. This method will ensure that you get paid on a regular basis, which will save time in the long-run.

2.Taking Advantage Of Accounting Software

Accounting software

Have you ever ignore updating your books, only later to be forced into a rush of updating them when it is time to pay taxes? Well, it does not matter how careful you are preparing end-year reports and documents for all business expenses, the chances are that you are likely to miss some vital tax deductions. This is mainly because sometimes a man is in error and error is to man.

This is why accounting software is important. The software will not only save you time but help you organize your end of year reports, which will reduce your tax bill.

3.The Importance Of Writing Everything Down


As much as people would like to think that they are smart, it is always wise to write important information down. This is because we cannot remember everything because as a businessman, you have a lot going on. This is why you are bound to forget important information. For this reason, you should get into the habit of writing things that are important down.

When writing this information down, it is wise to consider to include time, date and even year if possible. This technique will help you keep-up with numerous activities you have

Due to advancement in technology, today there are many ways one can write things down, that seem important. One can take advantage of digital calendars or notes. Through digital calendars such as Google Calendars will help you manage deadlines and other useful details. You can also take advantage of digital task management systems such as Trello or Asana, which are both free and can sync with your mobile phone.

4.Having An Emergency Process Plan

What will happen if all computers break? What will happen if you get sick? How to save your business in case of a natural disaster? Asking yourself these questions and others can help you not only avoid such problems but come up with a great emergency plan. For example, every business must have physical documents no matter how advanced the business is. At times, the business storage may not be enough to store every single document. In a such as situation, a business owner will need temporary storage building.

In a nutshell, it is wise to create a step by step plan for your team and clients on a regular basis. In addition to this, it is wise to have a step-by-step emergency plan. This is a technique that will help your business run smoothly even during an emergency.

5.Taking Advantage Of Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud Storage

Rather than spending too much time emailing updates and changes back and forth; or simply Using Microsoft Word documents to make note, you can take advantage of the cloud. The good news is that some cloud services are free for all users. A cloud service automatically syncs all files. The best thing about the cloud is that you can access your documents anywhere in the world and it doesn’t matter the kind of device you are using.

Through Free cloud services such as Dropbox or Google, you can backup all your files on a regular basis. This way, you can you can still recover your documents in case of a disaster.

Well, there you have it, all the above are tips that will help you run your trade efficiently. All that is needed is to spend a bit of time preparing and getting these systems and taking advantage of online tools.

Author Bio

James is an engineer by profession. He has over 6 years of experience in building temporary warehouses for both residential and commercial purposes. He is a hands-on guy who makes sure his works are high-quality and he ensures that every customer’s needs are met.

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