You have decided to do something that will test your health, strength, and fitness, Compete in a triathlon.

Training for a triathlon requires preparation, commitment, and conditioning.

Feeling nervous? Take a deep breath. Our tips on what you need to know when training for a triathlon is all you need.

5 Tips for Training for a Triathlon

Triathlons consist of swimming, running, and cycling. In order to compete, you need the right gear and the right mindset. You also need a proper training schedule.

According to The New York Times, you can complete triathlon training in just 6 weeks! Easy, right? But those 6 weeks can seem pretty long if you already have a lot on your plates such as a job, a family, and a home to run.

To train for a marathon is about having the right mindset. Don’t let the fear of training for a triathlon stop you from competing. Make it work around YOU.

Tip 1. Work Around Your Schedule

This might sound obvious, but it’s true. You are probably already busy, and slotting in time to train seems like a huge task. So train around your schedule.

Does your office have a pool nearby? Swim during your lunch break. Picking the kids up after school? Leave the car at home and run to the school gates.

There are so many ways you can work triathlon training around your schedule. List the opportunities and go for it!

Tip 2. The Right Gear

Swimming, running, cycling. Those 3 activities are a lot of individually.

Put them together and the amount of gear you need adds up. Don’t be phased. Most swimming training tips and bike training tips will tell you that you only need the necessities to get you on the fast path:

  • Swimming – Quality goggles, tri top, and bottom, wetsuit
  • Cycling – Properly fitted bike, CPSC- certified helmet

An item such as a drysuit can be especially helpful for women training for a triathlon.

Tip 3. Involve Your Kids

If you have a family, then training can feel more stressful. Thanks to the school, childcare arrangements, playdates, preparing meals, you are already super stretched.

No problem!

Involve your kids in your training. Even if your partner shares the load with childcare, involving your kids can ease the guilt of being away from them. It allows you to train in a fun family way.

Take them to the pool on the weekends and have races. Go on a long family bike ride together. Enjoy a run together before breakfast to start your day.

Tip 4. Eat Well

You can’t train if you don’t nourish your body.

Aim for:

  1. 45% – 65% of calories from carbohydrates
  2. 10% – 30% of calories from protein
  3. 20% – 35% of calories from fats

Stick to whole foods, and quality meals and snacks. Enjoy the occasional treat and maintain a healthy weight.

Tip 5. Be Consistent

Consistency in triathlon training is essential.

Ease into your training and add to it every week. Add some more time or distance every week. As your body adjusts, you will find it easier to build up your training.

Start practicing the transitions in between as you progress. For example, taking your wetsuit off and swapping it for running shoes.

Just remember to give yourself rest days.

Training Makes Perfect

Stick with our tips for training for a triathlon and competing will be a breeze. Just remember to pace yourself, build up slowly, and have fun! For more tips and advice, check out other helpful articles on the blog.

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