Introducing your children to new hobbies each year can help them discover their true passion and keep them well-rounded. Even after your child finds a specific hobby they enjoy, it’s still beneficial to introduce them to new fun hobbies over time. You never know what fun things your child will enjoy doing until they’ve tried them all!

You most likely know about a few afterschool hobbies for your child to try. You may have even signed them up for a few, but there are many hobbies for kids that you might not know about. In the guide below, we’ll discuss some of the best kids’ hobbies you may not have already considered.

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1. Nature Walks 

Nature Walks 

Nature provides a plethora of wonderful hobbies for people to enjoy. Take your child to a nearby park or nature trail and complete a nature walk. Some nature parks offer a variety of trails to choose from.

You can start by selecting the trail with the shortest distance to see how your child likes it. While on your nature walk, you can play fun games to encourage your child to learn more about their environment. For example, consider creating a point system for different critters and creatures found along the trail.

The person who spots the most critters or has the most points at the end wins the game! You can also bring along bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other fun sporting equipment if walking isn’t thrilling enough. The great thing about nature walks is that they’re an excellent way to bring the entire family together.

You don’t even have to travel to take a nature walk either. Sometimes, a walk around the block or neighborhood is enough to spot lots of fun wildlife. When something unusual is spotted, be sure to take out your camera and smartphone to research what it is.

You’ll learn something new each time!

2. Helping in the Garden

Helping in the Garden

Gardening has a positive effect on mental health. Gardening can reduce depression and anxiety, plus it’s awesome to watch the plants grow! Although doing yardwork might not seem like something your child would be interested in, gardening is so much fun they might not even know they’re working.

Instead of making it a chore, turn it into something fun. Ask your child if they’d like to help you select seeds or young plants to plant in the garden. Your child will get excited about watering them each day and watching them grow bigger and bigger until fully bloomed.

Having plants in your garden that have jobs can also be exciting for children. For example, aloe plants are great for burns and children will enjoy cutting the leaves off as needed. Herbs and crops that you use to cook with will also be fun for children to watch grow and then harvest.

3. Creating Origami 

Creating origami is a great hobby for children who like to keep their hands busy and have a knack for building things. There are different levels of origami, so your child can start with beginner creations like animals. As they become better at creating different objects, they can then move on to more challenging shapes.

This is a great way to keep your child’s wheels turning. If you’re unsure of what shapes to make or how to teach your child the different shapes, then don’t panic. There are many great books on origami that are geared towards children.

They explain how to make different shapes in a way that’s easy for children to understand. You can also consider signing your child up for an online origami class!

4. Caring For Animals

Caring For Animals

Many young children enjoy spending time with various animals. Caring for animals teaches your child empathy and compassion. It also teaches them a great amount of responsibility.

If you don’t have animals in your home, then you can still teach your child about animal care by having them volunteer at local farms or animal shelters. You might be surprised by how much they enjoy helping out. They can learn how to feed, groom, and love animals of all kinds.

Working on the farm is a lot of hard work and takes dedication. It’s a great way to teach them hard work and reward.

5. Dancing


Dancing is another great hobby for your child to try. Dance classes welcome both boys and girls who are interested in learning. There are also many different styles of dance including jazz, ballet, hip-hop, musical theater, and more!

Erinvale dance school offers a variety of classes with teachers with expertise in all different levels. Your child can start out by trying one type of class at the beginner level. If it’s not the right fit for them, then you can sign them up for a different style of dance until they find something they enjoy.

As they become more experienced, they can advance to the more difficult levels. It’s also a great idea to have your child watch a few different dance classes to help them decide which type of dance they’d enjoy best.

The Number of Hobbies For Kids to Try Is Endless

There are many great hobbies for kids. The more hobbies you introduce them to, the more chances they have of finding and learning a new interest. Use all of the helpful information listed in the guide above to give you the jumpstart you need to find a few new children’s hobbies for your little one.

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