Venturing out into the unknown, discovering new places, meeting different people and learning about their culture, savoring local cuisines and each day waking up in a new location is the ultimate dream of many, especially if you love traveling.

However, traveling does take a toll on all our wallets. But what if you could do both travel and earn at the same time?

Business Ideas for Travel

If you are dedicated and passionate about traveling, with a little perseverance, you can definitely make a living out of it. Or you can help others plan their trip, like a luxury travel agent.

With the help of the Internet and other digital devices—anything is possible! You can work at home, you can work while traveling or you can make traveling your office.

Here are various ways to make traveling a dream and be an actual job!

Unleash the creative travel writer in you


Generally, blogging and travel writing are almost similar. The only difference between the two is that you will sell your articles to other blog sites or magazine if you’re travel writing, instead of posting it on your blog, which is obviously blogging.

In fact, there are tons of magazines, both online and offline, who are willing to pay for your exclusive written piece. They could also pay for your trip. Additionally, a number of publishers hire writers to author inspirational travel books.

The only challenge you’ll face when you do venture out to become a freelance travel writer is finding work. Just like any niche in most freelance writing gigs, there’s an ebb and flow.

This means you need to adjust to the famine or feast lifestyle. You also need to adhere to what magazine or travel blog editors want, which could possibly be different from what you actually want.

Regardless, if you love expressing yourself and your experience in travel, then there’s nothing that can stop you from fulfilling this milestone. Writing is an amazing way to express yourself and also make some money out of it.

Join the growing number of travel bloggers

travel blogger

Although it might seem almost similar to writing, as a travel blogger, you can go wherever you feel like going to and write what you want to write, without the necessary requirements or restrictions placed by editors or publishers.

Basically, blogs are somewhat online journals where you share your latest food find or your thoughts on the last resort you went to. In fact, you can blog about your trip and also make some money.

However, just like any other blogs, travel blogging requires you to amass a following who wants to be up-to-date with your latest adventures. The more followers you have, the higher chances of you getting travel sites to hire you to blog for them or about their offered tours.

How about an all-expense paid trip to one of your dream cities and then blog about it in any fashion that pleases you?

To sum up, affiliate programs, ads, sponsors, etc. are some of the means by which you can earn from travel blogging.

Become a skilled and fun travel agent

travel agent

Contrary to what many believe, luxury travel agents are still in demand as many still need expert help, demand professional organisational skills and require personal service when it comes to traveling.

So if friends or others come to you for advice on which places to go during the summer months, which places to avoid during peak season, etc., with a specific budget and number of travelers, why not instead make use of this popularity into a business?

However, know that this isn’t for everybody. This is best suited for seasoned travelers who pay attention to details and close to obsessive organizing skills.

But on the bright side, you can plan travel tips and at the same time profit from it!

Take for example IAB travel. These travel agencies are associated with numerous resorts, hotels and also airline companies offering accommodation or seats. For every booked customer, these companies or establishments will pay you via commissions.

Influence others on social media

Influence others on social media

Can you take IG-worthy images? Do you have skills perfecting every picture you post on social media platforms?

Being one of the growing number of social media influences isn’t for the faint of heart. You need to constantly strive to understand what social media users want, especially your followers. If done right, your posts has the potential to earn a high profit.

Be warned, however, as this is not an easy endeavor. You need to absorb criticisms, digest comments and possibly react to whatever others throw at you, but still thank them for taking the time to leave a comment or two, even the not-so positive ones.

A travel consultant

travel consultant

Unlike luxury travel agent who book trips and hotels, a travel consultant works with different people in terms of travel issues. It could range from foreign businesses seeking for information regarding cultural issues pertaining to their products entering a specific market segment or international travels for their top employees or even preparing for travel to an international country.

Final thoughts

 So if you love travelling and would love to explore the world but still want a job to sustain the travels, start your own business. Surely, at least one of the above mentioned should fit what you want to actually pursue.

Author Bio:

Grace Lee has been practicing in the field of digital marketing for several years now. She has already brought numerous sites in search engines’ first pages in search results. In her spare time, she loves listening to podcasts about Google algorithm updates and other matters related to SEO.

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