Sports physiotherapy has two key aims, rehabilitating you after a sports-related injury and, potentially more important, preventing the occurrence of the injury in the first place.  It’s often simply referred to as sports therapy. The key to obtaining the following 5 benefits is to find a reputable sports physio Alexandria as this will ensure you are getting the best treatment possible.

1. Physical Strength

It doesn’t matter what sport you enjoy doing, you will be placing your body under stress. Over time this stress will encourage damage to occur to muscles and tendons in your body. This can ultimately weaken the body in key areas and leave you vulnerable to injury.

Sports therapy helps to protect against this by focusing on the areas that are most likely to be injured. By completing specific exercises you can strengthen the areas and reduce the likelihood of injury.

2. Relaxation

It may seem funny but simply being tired is not the same as relaxing. Even if you feel exhausted you’ll find that sports physiotherapy actually removes tension from your muscles, allowing you to unwind and relax.

This will help your recovery process. A relaxed body can focus on repairing and strengthening your body, allowing you to beat your personal best next time.

3. Injury Prevention

Building strength will help you to reduce the risk of injury. However, sports physiotherapy also helps to condition your body. This means it knows what to expect from the exercise you love and will be better prepared for it.


In effect, you’re reducing the likelihood of developing an injury by boosting your body strength and conditioning before it happens.

The right exercises will increase blood flow, reducing the likelihood of cramps, strains, and even torn ligaments. Of course, it’s still important to stretch before and after every exercise routine.

4. Early Injury Treatment

Sports therapy is designed to be easy to access. You can book the appointment before you exercise, allowing you the opportunity to stretch and strengthen or get early assistance with any injury. The earlier you get treatment the easier it will be for your body to heal and for you to be exercising again.

Don’t forget, the quicker you can heal the less time you’ll be away from your training regime. That’s beneficial for your body, especially if you’re training for a specific event.

5. Muscle & Joint Flexibility

Flexibility is essential in everything you do. Certain exercises don’t enhance flexibility, this can make it harder to participate in the sport or even to perform everyday activities.

A sports physiotherapist will help you to target the stiffest joints and improve your flexibility.

Not only will you notice a difference when working out, but you’ll also find it helps in your daily life.

Bottom Line

Sports physiotherapy can help with a wide range of injuries, both before and after they have occurred. If you’re serious about your health then you need to indulge at least once, you’ll soon appreciate the benefits for yourself.

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