The incredible beauty of Washington boasts its peaks, valleys, and coasts. After citing the beautiful spots of Washington, travelers shouldn’t skip treasuring the natural resources of Washington. The hot springs in Washington are the way to relax in style. It is easy to find hot springs that provide you with spas and resorts while visiting these springs.

The hot springs are popular destinations for road trippers. Backpackers can download maps and find the location of campgrounds without your cell service.

Feeling exhausted after a long day of a road trip, skiing, and hiking? To fuel yourself with energy, spend a night in the campsite nearby to the hot springs. Soak in the outdoor oases by gazing at the magnificent view of the night stars.

While vacating, take a break with a dip in a scenic hot spring. You can experience the natural health benefits such as reducing stress, pain relief, and increasing blood circulation. Feel fresh, safe and you don’t want to miss the chance to do all kinds of outdoor adventures. Follow your own style of relaxation in the well-kept hot springs in Washington. It is worth including the site in your itinerary because adventure seekers can completely swim. You will enjoy the scalding water bubbling up to the surface.

Embrace the natural beauty of some of the best geothermal attractions in the city. Some of the mineral-fed springs are wild but are always relaxing. Sometimes the shapely waves attract top professional and amateur surfers and they are capable of managing the risks out of it.

With a bit of research and planning, you will surely be able to select the 5 amazing hot springs in Washington.

Here Travelila brought the 5 stunning hot springs in Washington and keep reading the guide to enjoy the thrills.

1. The Goldmyer Hot Spring

Goldmyer Hot Spring

Those who want to move away from the chaos of the city can take a drive towards the well-kept geothermal resource of the city. Its location lies in the pass of Cascade mountain range among the ancient forests. It takes forty-five minutes to move from the city and reach the geothermal spot. The remote location of the spot keeps the hot spring in good condition and you can avoid the crowd.

To reach the hot spring, the visitors need to take a fifteen-mile drive down an unpaved, and non-maintained Forest Service Road. To make the route map more specific, you have to take a 4.5-mile hike through a wilderness area. For preserving the beauty of the hot spring, usage is limited. If you wish to visit the site, you have to reserve the spot prior to your visit. As per the guideline, twenty visitors are allowed every day.

2. Carson Hot Spring Resort

Carson Hot Spring Resort

Travelers can have an escape from the everyday hassles and can enjoy their private experience in the Carson hot spring resort, situated in southern Washington’s Columbia River valley. Few modern renovations are made in the surrounding town of Carson. It helps guests to welcome the natural beauty residing within the rustic interiors. For private enjoyment, you can rent a room that offers the luxury of private mineral-fed soaking tubs. You can recall the times of the 1930s and make fun by soaking into the adults-only bathhouse. Also, the golfers need to pull themselves from the comfort and must visit the Elk Ridge Golf Course, located near the resort.

3. Olympic Hot Springs

Olympic Hot Springs

Do you list yourself as a rugged, hiking outdoor person? If you have an interest in a similar activity, should trail the wild experience. The Olympic hot spring is the perfect example and you have to do a 2.5 hiking trail to reach the hot springs. You can spread yourself in the calm surroundings of woods and springs. Surprisingly, travelers can sense the smell of sulfur in hot springs. You can ensure the safety level while hiking along the trails of the hot spring. These are well-paved and you don’t have to bring any heavy-duty gear for the trip. Check the temperature of other hot springs lying underneath the forests.

4. Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

Are you searching for the popular name of the hot spring in Washington? Out of many, the most appealing hot springs in Washington is the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort. It lies within the boundary of the Olympic National Park. The sprawling national park is ideal to enjoy the relaxing soak. For a memorable retreat, the overnight resort guests and the day passers can enjoy the charm of the freshwater pool and the three mineral-fed hot spring soaking pools.

5. The Doe Bay Resort and Retreat

The Doe Bay Resort and Retreat

There is another beautiful natural treasure located on Orcas Island in Olga. As soon as you soak yourself in the soaking tubs along the waterfront, you can have the visual retreat of the sea. If you feel hungry to feed yourself with local eats, the one-acre organic garden leads to the Doe Bay Cafe. Also, you can avail the facilities of yoga classes and kayaking tours in Puget Sound.


If your next trip is heading to Washington, you need to plan the itineraries wisely. While planning, you should research the geographical sites and will ideally take a note of hot springs in Washington. Travelers should explore the rugged wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Head out for a camping adventure where you can relax by spreading yourself in the steamy hot spring nearby. Pack your bags and swimwear to unleash your inner wild in the finest scenery of the Pacific Northwest.

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