In this growing global economy, having a remote workforce is a trend that is gaining more and more popularity daily. This is because of the many advantages of having a remote team. And it doesn’t only help you in cutting your business expenditures only but also boosts your employees’ performance. Hence, this article brings you some of the advantages of having a remote workforce.

1. Increases Productivity

Many companies have realized that their remote teams do a lot of work in a small period than what is done when they are at the workplace. Wondering why? This is because they work from places they wish. And this gives them maximum comfort and become more productive.

In fact, according to a recent study, 53% of remote workers reveal that they are okay with working overtime compared to the 28% of on-site employees that are willing to work overtime.

More so, 45% of remote workers say they work smarter while at home. And 90% of managers reveal that workers are more productive when they are given the freedom to work from their comfort.

So, embrace having a remote team for your business and boost the productivity of your employees.

2. Reduces Employee Turn Over

Allowing employees to work from the comfort of their homes is among the best ways of retaining them for the long term. As a matter of fact, according to a US National survey, 73% of remote workers are highly satisfied with their jobs. And 53% are not willing or planning to leave their jobs in the coming year.

Furthermore, 82% of employees reveal that they can be more loyal to their employers who give flexible work options. And 95% of employers reveal that remote work has impacted their employee retention.

Well, embrace remote teams with the help of veritec and keep your good employees for the long term. This will boost your business’s performance over time.


3. Boosts Savings

Having a remote work team is economical not only to your employees but to your business too. Wondering how? Your business saves a lot of money on office rent, furniture, power, and many other overhead costs.

Moreover, your workers can use their gadgets like laptops which save your business from such expenditures. Your employees use their gadgets and manage your business’s projects through cloud-based software.

4. Increases Employee Wellness

There is no spread of diseases with remote teams even if a team member has the flu, all other employees are safe. Telecommuting is great as it ensures that your operations go on smoothly even in events of disaster or a pandemic.

And people working from home have work balance and low levels of stress which boosts their productivity. Businesses with a remote workforce report 63 percent fewer unscheduled absences from the workplace.

Embrace A Remote Workforce

Don’t be left out, join the wave with the help of veritec, and build a strong remote workforce for your business.

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