Learning a new language is a great challenge, but immersive programs around the world can really boost your motivation (and your learning !).

Do not pass by the possibility to meet new people, absorb new types of culture at the same time you learn about Grammar, Vocabulary, and Phonetics!

1- Learn Spanish in Barcelona (Spain)


Not only do residents think Barcelona is a charming city. The name “La Guapa” says it all: in addition to the Sagrada Familia, “Beauty” offers many cultural and historical attractions.

 Thanks to the excellent location of the language school in the city center, the Spanish atmosphere will enchant you immediately after the language course. You will discover a colorful metropolis with a diverse cultural offer.

 Finding a Spanish school Barcelona could not be easier: Expanish is at the top of the chosen institutes these days. They even offer online classes!

 Language courses in Barcelona will take you on a Mediterranean trip, to the sandiest beaches, to countless bars and pubs, to taste Catalan specialties, and meet nice people from all over the world. Try the delicious paella and fruity sangria from Plaza Catalunya and soak up the pleasant sun. Barcelona is undoubtedly a fascinating city with a special charm, especially if you want to learn Spanish at our language school in Spain.

2- Learn Italian in Rome (Italy)


There are many reasons to learn Italian. This beautiful language deserves to be lingered and given a chance to seduce us. If you plan to visit Florence you won’t hesitate to learn this language.

 Visiting the cradle of Roman civilization becomes more exciting if you speak their language. You would communicate naturally with the locals. You will feel more comfortable and your travels would be all the more pleasant.

 Italy is still one of the most visited countries in the world. It contains many essential tourist sites including the Colosseum in Rome. Immerse yourself completely by visiting the many tourist attractions of the country located in Rome, the Vatican, or even Venice.

3- Learn Portuguese: Lisbon (Portugal)



The most westerly capital of Europe, Lisbon, the largest city in Portugal, is home to around 550,000 Lisbon residents. In Lisboa, the city’s Portuguese name, the districts follow one another but are not alike. From the very recent Vasco da Gama tower to the famous Belém Tower, Lisbon transcends the ages with particular harmony.

 The Portuguese language ranks sixth in the ranking of the most spoken languages in the world. With more than 234 million speakers worldwide, it is the official language of many countries. As in Portugal, Brazil, Angola as well as in Mozambique and even in Guinea-Bissau, where it is considered as mother tongue.

 The Portuguese vocabularies are almost similar to those of Spanish and Italian. But it should also be noted that it comes from the Romance language like French.

 Nicknamed the city of 7 hills, Lisbon benefits from an atypical topography which allows us to have many points of view on the whole city.

4- Learn German: Berlin (Germany)


Traveling and meeting interesting people is one of the main reasons why learning German is important. Not only because you can travel to countries like Germany, Austria or Switzerland and make yourself understood, but you can also meet German-speaking people from all over the world.

 If you liked the stories of the Grimm brothers, how would you like to know the fantastic cities that inspired them? By speaking and understanding German, you will be able to immerse yourself in the culture and better understand what led these brothers to create their world of fiction.

 In the modern world in which we live, where all the necessary information is only a few clicks away, German will open the doors to a world of possibilities and new information. As mentioned above, after English, German is the most widespread language in the network and in the scientific world.

 By speaking German, you can also travel more comfortably, try all the typical dishes and drinks you want to try and communicate with everyone without problems. Immerse yourself in German culture and get closer to their way of life by visiting and learning German in Berlin!

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