Few things are more frustrating than receiving a package whose contents have been damaged or destroyed. Whether the value of the items you’re shipping is monetary or purely sentimental, it stands to reason that you want it to reach its destination in one piece. However, in light of how much action the typical package sees while en route to its destination, this is often easier said than done. Of course, this isn’t to say that keeping a package in prime condition is impossibly – far from it, in fact. Putting the following pointers to good use will help ensure that any package you ship is protected throughout its journey.

1. Protect the Items against Shock Damage

While being transported to their destinations, most packages undergo a substantial amount of shaking and jostling. Needless to say, this can cause considerable damage to fragile cargo. This is where shock absorption comes into play. For starters, you’ll need to choose a shipping container that’s large enough for items you’re shipping – but not too large. The more free space, the more room the items have to be shaken around in. Any free space that remains after the items have been packed should be equipped with bubble wrap, airbags, and other shock-absorbing materials.

Companies that ship large items, like computer equipment or machine components, should invest in shock sensors and other condition monitoring tools. These cutting-edge tools ensure that recipients are instantly made aware of any dangers their packages encountered and any damage they incurred throughout the delivery process.

2. Ensure that the Box Is Tightly Sealed


If your package is torn open while in transit, its contents are liable to become irreparably damaged. Regardless of how much shock protection you equip the shipping container with, it won’t do you any good if the package isn’t securely sealed. With this in mind, make a point of covering every potential opening of the box with high-quality packing tape. All this tape may make the package more difficult to open, but this slight inconvenience is well worth the additional protection.

3. Consider Your Shipping Options

When shipping delicate items, it’s important to consider your options. Chances are your preferred shipping company offers special options for fragile cargo. More often than not, these will be pricier than standard-grade options, but if you’re serious about keeping a package safe, the costlier route may ultimately prove worth your while. Most shipping companies handle packages of this type with an enhanced level of care and store them separately from packages whose contents are more durable. Additionally, if the items you wish to ship are particularly valuable, package insurance may be a wise investment.

For many of us, receiving damaged packaged is an all-too-common part of life. Although we often place the blame squarely on shipping companies, the fault sometimes lies with the sender. Fortunately, helping packages reach their destinations unscathed doesn’t have to be costly, difficult or time-consuming. Anyone looking to make damaged packages a thing of the past should take the previously discussed pointers to heart.

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