You’ve got great charisma and know all about how to network. You could sell anything to anyone, whether it’s to a family member or a stranger. On top of your sales skills, you have a good credit score and sellers’ instincts. And, you may already want to become a business owner. Whether you’re a born salesperson or built your skills over time, it’s a great option to use them to advance your career.

If you’ve decided to be a small-business owner, pick a profession that utilizes your sales skills. Consider a small business as a franchisor, or in franchise finance. Or, use your sales acumen to help refine resumes and build careers. You can enter any field from freelance writing to acquisitions with your skillset. If you’re stuck for ideas, consider some of these excellent business ideas.

1. Flip cars for a living

Have you ever considered flipping vehicles for a living? If you don’t want to set up a car dealership but can sell anything from a motorcycle to an SUV, consider this option. It’s essential to have some knowledge of the industry before you begin, so do your research. Look for the best deals on cars and find out what vehicles turn a higher profit for sellers. An auto auction is the best place to begin this journey. You can visit an online auction, or live auctions, some of which offer the option to test drive cars on offer.

It’s a good idea to get a dealer license so you can make the most of the wholesale prices at dealer auctions. However, you can sample the auto auction world even if you don’t have a dealer license yet. Consider visiting a public auto auction where you can bid and buy cars without a permit. The variety of RVs, vans, SUVs, and motorcycles available—combined with your skills—will help entice buyers.


2. Learn more about franchise lending

If you have strong sales skills, you can be extremely successful in the financial world. Franchise lending businesses that help small businesses get loans are your best option. You can use them to help your sales skills and any other small businesses you decide to set up. They’re a great option if you need working capital for your own franchise business. You can partner with franchise lending firms as a franchisor, or enter the industry as a franchise lender.

To figure out what’s best for you, find out what franchise lenders do. It’s an excellent idea to research the market first. So, find out more about businesses already engaged in this profession. You can start by visiting a lending service like Franchise Lenders. They help small business owners with their financing needs. Spend time learning about the different business loans they offer. Also, check whether they have long track records of success with new business owners.

3. Consider insurance sales

Insurance is an easy field to break into, but it’s not always easy to be a successful insurance agent. You can work at insurance companies’ offices or set up your own office to sell their insurance. Whatever option you choose, it would help if you had more than a business plan to make a decent living.

It’s an excellent option for those with natural sales skills. After all, it involves convincing buyers that the insurance you’re selling is the right one for them. And, while the parent company helps with working capital to set up your office, it’s up to you to keep it running. Consider beginning your career in insurance by setting up a new franchise for an established insurance company. It will help reduce some of the risks of starting your own business.

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