If you’re based in the United States, you will likely be very familiar with the self-storage industry. However, as outlined in this infographic 2Flow (http://www.2flow.ie/warehousing.html ), the industry is still very new in Europe. It is huge in America, with an amazing 163 storage units for every 1 million Americans and the United States actually makes up 90% of the market. It’s amazing that a self-storage facility requires only a 45% occupancy rate to break even.
In Europe, there are only 3.7 storage units for every million people, but this is likely to rise in the years to come. The UK is leading the way in this regard and is home to 47% of Europe’s self-storage sites but other markets will likely grow with increased urbanization and rising property prices. An important point is that because of increasing urbanization, the size of living areas has decreased so people don’t have room to store all of their stuff at home anymore. Find out more in the infographic. Are self-storage areas popular where you live?

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