Many of people still prefer to fill out paper applications or call a credit card representative on the phone.

 Some people are scared that information they share online will be easily accessible by cybercriminals who have ill intentions and could cause damage to their finances.

 That is not entirely true. In fact, there's a better chance of you getting your private information misused offline than online - as long as you know how to go about the online method.

 Online credit card applications have two major advantages.

 The first thing to know about accepting payment via credit cards online is that the information you enter will be sent directly to your credit card company.

 The second is the way that applications make use of your data. SSL encryption technology is used by online card applications.

How to Securely Apply for a Credit Card Online

Always use a private connection.

Never use a public computer.

Apply through the credit card company's website directly.

Make sure the website is secure.