Top 8 Start Up Companies of 2022 - Check out the list here

1: Linktree Funding: Series B (latest funding on March 16, 2022)  Revenue: Undisclosed  Employee Size: 305 (est.)

2: Funnel Funding:  Series C (latest funding round on October 12, 2021) Revenue: $9 Million Employee Size: 350+ 

3: So Syncd  Funding: Pre-Seed funding (raised $1M) Employee Size: 7 (est.)

4: Manychat  Funding: Series A  Investors: Bessemer Venture Partners, Flint Capital, and 3 more  Employee Size: 202

5: Group Greeting  Revenue: $5M Employee Size: 27

6: Loom Funding: Series C Employee Size: 160+

7: Preply  Funding: Series C (latest funding round on March 30, 2022) Employee Size: 400+ 

8: Printify Funding: Series A (with a total amount of $541M) Sales Growth: +87% (over the last 2 years) Employee Size: 600 

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