Samsung Tizen OS is going worldwide, thanks to new licencing agreements. 

To introduce Tizen OS to non-Samsung smart TVs, Samsung Electronics has collaborated with Atmaca, HKC, and Tempo. 

Bauhn, Linsar, Sunny, Vispera, and other TVs will be available in Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom this year. 

This implies that more people will be able to utilise Tizen, Samsung Smart TV's open-source operating system. 

Samsung discussed its Tizen TV Platform Licensing proposal during the 2021 Samsung Developer Conference (SDC). 

Tizen OS for smart TVs provides some of the greatest smart features, content discovery tools, applications, and a modern user experience. 

To enable Tizen OS, Samsung collaborates with partners on content licencing and hardware optimization. 

Customers may watch hundreds of live channels, including entertainment, news, programmes, and sports, for free with Samsung TV Plus. 

Bixby is a smart TV voice assistant platform. Bixby has the ability to search, watch, and execute other things. 

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